Our values


We don't copy, but open up new paths. Creativity and visionary thinking is the power, that drives us.

Highest aims

In our experience, almost anything is possible and achievable, since most limits we set ourselves. Keep in mind, that people stumble over molehills, not over mountains.


Foresight secures success and constancy in a fast moving world. At the same time it challenges us in many aspects even more, than any other value does.



We are experienced founders and studied computer science. For years we have formed a well-rehearsed team. Our strength lies in combining a wide variety of technologies in such a way that they mesh like cogwheels.

Just as every craftsman needs good tools, we put good software in the hands of every one of our customers. The high standards of our team are a common thread running through all our products.


We are


As far as it can be reconciled with existing schedules, our employees can work from anywhere – if they want, even in an "island office" on a beautiful beach. This saves us a big office complex and saves our employees the time and expense of traveling to the office.

Thanks to current audio/video transmission technologies, it is easy to hold meetings or collaborative work sessions remotely over distance. We develop for the cloud and we work in the cloud. Decentralized. So, almost every day is casual friday.



Martin Möller B.Sc.

Martin Möller B.Sc.

Martin is an IT entrepreneur with a penchant for innovative product development and design. When he's not designing software architectures, he dreams of the craziest inventions. His desk is often cluttered with countless sketches, plans and notes. But there's always a free spot for little sins like colorful marshmallows, macarons or petit fours. Martin trains computer scientists and prefers to wear self-designed T-shirts.

More Info about me:
Saskia Schaffhausen

Saskia Schaffhausen B.Sc.

Saskia manages software development and trains both computer scientists and business economists. She juggles bare figures, evaluations and statistics freehand and blindfolded. A fidget cube and a fresh bottle of mate are a must on her desk.

Julian Geils

Julian Geils B.Sc.

Julian is a specialist in IT security and web technologies. Having advised global corporations on IT security, security breaches don't stand a chance with Julian.