Shopping on the fast track

It is impossible to imagine a car without navigation systems, but in the ever-growing supermarkets, DIY stores, shopping malls, etc., we are still often looking for where something is located. Neary provides a remedy. Using the search function, individual items can be searched for and located in the market, but entire shopping lists can also be entered into the app. It calculates the fastest route through the supermarket and sorts the shopping list according to the order in which it was reached.

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Mobile first

The whole world in your pocket

The Internet is mobile like never before. Smartphones, tablets, netbooks current devices allow access to the Internet from anywhere in the world.

As high as the accessibility of web applications becomes as a result, the screen resolutions and display options of the various devices are also different. We make sure that the user interface adapts to all these devices and can be used comfortably and intuitively everywhere.

Mobile First

Dating plattforms

When Cupid conquered the Internet


With two own online singles exchanges, we experienced the boom period of dating platforms since 2006 and made it easier to get to know each other online. Both singles exchanges stood out due to their ease of use, clarity and security, and advanced to become an important option for finding a partner.

Torrido shone with a very lush feature set: from sending electronic greeting cards, to sophisticated character matching algorithms, a chatroom to integrated web radio, users were offered a lot.

While Torrido was tailored to the region of Münster and advertised with its own event line – the Torrido singles parties – Seelen-Partner was more streamlined. Seelen-Partner was supplemented with a mobile app in 2015 and sold in 2018.



Customer Projects

Currently we are focusing on our own projects, after having implemented many successful customer projects with different technologies, such as Java, PHP, .Net, Xamarin, Cordova, Angular, VueJS or VanillaJS.


Customer-specific CRM

For a customer in the textile industry, we developed a customized customer relationship management system that links existing software products such as order management, accounting, various databases, e-mail servers, etc. and makes data accessible via a uniform user interface. At the same time, the existing IT environment could be retained and a mapping of company-specific workflows could be integrated into the new solution.


Automated visualization of

network plans

In many companies, a network has been set up that has grown steadily with operational requirements and has reached a size that can no longer be surveyed in its entirety by an employee without assistance. Maintenance work, upgrades and retrofits as well as security analyses make it necessary to map the network.

Based on the SNMP protocol (Simple Network Management Protocol), nWeave reads buffered information from the network devices and determines how the individual devices are connected to each other. The result of the automatic network analysis performed in this way is saved in an XML file and visualized by a viewer.

A useful additional function is to make sensitive data unrecognizable in a generated network plan. The topology is preserved – only security-critical details about individual network devices can thus be hidden or replaced by random values if required.


Computer based trainings

For one of the largest international insurance groups, we have developed a software solution with VisionXL, with which various presentations, lectures and training courses can be accessed digitally at any time. Simultaneously to the original slides of the presentation, a video recording of the lecturer can be followed and a table of contents with jump labels can be displayed.


Playing field generator

For CityEdition, we developed the game board generator, which connects the analog world of board games with the digital universe. With the help of the online platform, users can design their own playing fields for popular Monopoly city editions, which they can then order as printed stickers. Many current Monopoly games come with voucher codes for your own playfield stickers.

CityEdition Playing field generator for Monopoly


Order fir trees online


The most important tree of the year can now be ordered online – so Christmas gifts find a place under the wishing fir thanks to Tanne2go. The delivery service for quality fir trees from the Münsterland region is targeting its online platform at business customers, who can now surprise their employees with voucher codes for ordering their dream Christmas tree.

For Tanne2go, we have developed an easy-to-use fir tree configurator with which the individual dream tree can be ordered at the desired height and width on the basis of various criteria. The customer can even specify which stand system he has – the tree trunk is then adapted to the selected system before shipping, so that nothing stands in the way of a contemplative celebration.


The map of polarizing food

Polarisense - The map of polarizing food

To investigate whether and to what extent a food has polarizing properties, we developed the analysis and visualization software Polarisense for the FH Münster. Accompanied by two bachelor theses, the application was developed and comprehensive analyses on the food liquorice were performed.

The bilingual platform was presented in October 2016 at the German Sensory Days in Berlin. By means of a nationwide data collection, the following hypotheses, among others, were investigated and proven using the example of licorice:

  • People who live or grew up in the north of Germany are statistically more likely to have a preference for licorice than those who grew up or live in the south.
  • If parents like to eat licorice, their children also tend to have this preference.
  • People who had contact with licorice as children statistically like licorice better than those who did not come into contact with the food until adulthood.