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TarantuLoom is a sleek benchmark tool for measuring the speed of Internet services. Therefore the software calls a specified URL for one second as often as possible and measures the response times of the service. The result of this short stress test is graphically displayed for accurate evaluation.

Tip: The examination of the behavior of a web service with many parallel requests is an interesting test. When comparing the performance of various services, however, not only the amount of replies per second is important. Suppose we compare two services that answer approximately the same number of requests per second. During the one service returns just a few bytes per answer, the other one manages to send several hundred kilobytes. To take notice of this, taking a look at the data rate is recommended. It should not be left aside that TarantuLoom measures the response behavior of a service, but cannot give information on the resource utilization (memory and CPU load) of the underlying server. When deciding for or against a specific platform to develop an own service these aspects should also be ascertained.

In order to prevent interference with public websites, local URLs can be set as a target in TarantuLoom only. Supports URLs are localhost, or IP addresses starting with 192.168.. The HTTP or HTTPS protocol can be used in combination with any port.

Generated diagrams can be saved as an image file or as a CSV file, to analyze or further process the measured data or to compare different curves with each other.

TarantuLoom is delivered as a portable program and does not require an installation.



TarantuLoom - Settings TarantuLoom - Benchmark Results

System Requirements

A PC with .Net Framework 4.5 (or higher) is required. The software is compatible with the Mono framework and has been tested under Windows and Linux successfully.


TarantuLoom is Freeware und may be used for free in a private or business environment. Changes to the software may not be made. The software is provided as it is and without any warranty. Liability claims against the licensor are generally excluded.